Bologna company Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche s.p.a., specialized in manufacturing power transmission components, has patented P-gear®, a revolutionary concept, which is a candidate for the Hermes Award 2019, an important international award in technological innovation organized by the Hannover Messe.

The company has patented a new way of conceiving the mechanical power transmission: no longer through traditional drive systems, but thanks to operating principles based on magnets, which reduce energy consumption, noise emissions and vibrations.

At Poggi there are continuous innovations: P-gear®, the new oilfree, gearfree technology is ready to revolutionize the world of mechanical transmissions and aims at the Hermes Award 2019. This coveted international prize, now in its sixteenth edition, is dedicated to those companies that present a product, a process or a technical solution, characterized by technological innovation, already tested or in use in the industry, at the Hannover Messe, in a world premiere. To be nominated means to be among the most innovative companies in the world, on a technological level and on an industrial level.

Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche s.p.a. reached a new stage of development in 2017 already with the launch of P-drive®, a range of pulleys and synchronous belts, low-noise ones and highly efficient ones. Alongside it, P-gear® is to be found today; this is a speed transmission system with contactless meshing, with applications in the sector of right angle gearboxes and of speed reducers. This is not just one product for the market of power transmission, it is rather a cutting-edge system, which can be tailored according to customer’s requirements: a concept that can be industrialized without limits as to the fields of application.

Without any need for gears and virtually maintenance-free, P-gear®, appears as advanced, silent, clean technology, completely lubrication-free.

This device achieves significant energy savings and enhanced energy performances, by means of two rotors equipped with permanent magnets, which ensure transmission / speed reduction without any contact between components.

Mr Ferri, the inventor of this concept, has attended production workshops and has used machine tools since he was very young. Mr Ferri has a careful eye and an inventive nature, thus, in every small modification, he can perceive an opportunity to produce with higher efficiency. From the partnership with Poggi and from a three years long study, experiments have been carried out for the production of a magnetic right angle gearbox, whose next step forward will be taken on the Hannover Messe. There is as well a speed reducer that brings significant energy savings.

P-gear® grants transmission for several industrial sectors, especially in those cases in which quietest operation and elimination of lubricants are necessary,  with also strong reductions in vibrations and very low overheating. P-gear® is therefore a device that will allow to have safer applications.

The sectors of destination are the most different ones: pharmaceutical, medical, food & beverage, civil engineering, robotics in general and collaborative robotics, automation, packaging, automotive, energy, naval, oil, agriculture, constructions.

P-gear® will not compete with the market of reductors, on the other hand it will offer an alternative solution, ideal for those applications where traditional devices may have limits or where there are specific needs in terms of power output, energy savings or difficulties in the application.

In this way Poggi has reduced maintenance costs, thanks to contactless meshing, with wear-free and frictionless features. Poggi also avoids any contamination from leakage of lubricants, by combining a better overall performance and considerable energy savings. All these peculiarities make P-gear® an ideal project to obtain subsidies for research and development meant for the reduction of the environmental impact and for the optimization of resources. These are all subjects towards which company Poggi is minded, as well as having a mind for Green technology and sustainable technology.