Company Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche S.p.a., specialized in designing and manufacturing power transmission components, protects its computer information system from external attacks.

The company protects itself by means of digital security services, ahead of the times, which prevent malicious attacks against its sensitive data.

Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche s.p.a., well-known for the manufacturing of belt pulleys, right angle gearboxes and other solutions in the field of power transmission, has implemented a cutting-edge system to protect its own data.

The GDPR regulation, which came into force in May 2018, and the always ongoing issues on Big Data interest every company: Poggi invests into security to fight back the insidious problem of the violation of information systems.

In the near future, small companies and big companies – with which Poggi deals every day – will require a standardized compliance with security prescriptions. This will generate the need to meet a number of requirements and ensure a guarantee for privacy.

A company’s information system security deals with a group of products, of services, of internal rules – including the staff’s behaviour – meant to protect the computer information system of that company. The professional training of the company’s employees is the first essential step to keep cyber security at a high level and Poggi is constantly up-to-date on this subject.

At Poggi a system has been implemented, which allows a continuous stream of data between ERP and the production area, thus ensuring a careful monitoring of the progress of production. Among the investments carried out by the company there is a state-of-the-art virtualisation system of the servers and of the applications within a new generation Farm; all this is equipped by a careful planning of backups and by the location of repositories.

Continuous updating of the firewalls and specific investiments show the awareness of Poggi for the information system security. This makes Poggi a company even more competitive in the view of big corporate groups, which require higher and higher reliability from the players involved as to security of data. The supply chain of security is growing exponentially and dedicated certifications are more and more requested. This because these days cyber attacks cause enormous economical losses and the number of cases is in constant growth, to an extent by which a global loss of 6 trillions of dollars is estimated by year 2021.

For this reason, an innovative approach to information system security and an accurate analysis of one’s vulnerabilities have become fundamental, as Poggi demonstrates with its recent investments.

Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche s.p.a. was founded in 1958 by Pierlugi Poggi’s commitment and dedication, and both values today are carried on by his three children. It is specialized in the manufacturing of belt pulleys, right angle gearboxes and other solutions in the field of power transmission like timing belts, V-belts, fixing elements, couplings, sprockets, baseplates for electric motors. It has been appreciated for more than sixty years in over fourty countries worldwide thanks to its innovative approach, also a custom-made one. The cutting-edge range of services proposed by Poggi is the result of constant researches and experimentations, of an accurate path of planning and of production that ensures an innovative product, certified and proudly made in Italy.