From Emilia-Romagna to Hannover: Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche s.p.a., manufacturing company of power transmission components, is participating in the German industry fair with a very new stand inspired by the past and by the future.

Hannover Messe 2019: Poggi participates in the main world showcase for innovation and for industrial technology with a stand where it will concretely show its new concept, conceived for the most advanced applications.

Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche s.p.a. is participating in the Hannover Fair, from 1st until 5th April, with a very new stand, which has been conceived by reconciling the company’s traditional core business and its new developments. The company, well-known for the manufacturing of pulleys, right angle gearboxes and other components for power transmission, will visually demonstrate how tradition and innovation perfectly combine in the Poggi world, with a stand physically subdivided into two adjacent areas.

On the one hand, the importance of the company’s history and tradition is reaffirmed with its classic product lines and with a timeline illustrating the company’s 60 years of history, celebrated in 2018. In the showcases it will be possible to gaze at the parts that have made Poggi well-known all over the world and appreciated in over 40 countries, where it is active and where it gives prestige to made in Italy industry products.

On the other hand, innovation is highlighted: this area is completely dedicated to the new oilfree P-gear® magnetic device, which revolutionizes the world of power transmissions and which will take part to the Hermes Award 2019.

Fully aware of the solid basis of its achievement, Poggi will put its invention on display: test benches will show the concrete application of the concept. A right angle gearbox and a reducer are put forward as an example to present the functioning and the efficacy, while a 3D graphics video will demonstrate the system in detail and its main features.

Ecofriendly at first glance

The P-gear® unit, gear-free and lubrication-free, beyond the extreme quietness, needs less maintenance and less energy than traditional systems, demonstrating its innovative capacity in the reduction of environmental impact and of costs.

This ecological aspect is asserting itself even in the furniture: the stand design and the colours chosen have been studied to bring the green of the environment and the Green way of thinking into the world of mechanics.

A bridge connects both areas of the stand and ensures the interconnection of one another: there is no wall between yesterday and today, there is instead a history full of continuity in projects, studies and patents. For Poggi innovating means to keep, improve and continue the tradition of more than half a century’s work.